1 on 1 Coaching For Forgiving, Anxiety & Depression

Forgiving: Most people are familiar with forgiveness from a religious
perspective, but we will be focusing on the new scientific research on
forgiving. You will find out what unforgiveness can do TO your body and
what forgiveness can do FOR your body. In addition, you will learn how to
forgive, through a process, and how you know when you have forgiven.
This new science will allow you to understand why forgiving is so important
for YOU.

Anxiety: Anxiety is a normal part of living but there are times when
anxiety goes over the top. You feel like it is out of your control, and it is
debilitating and keeps you from doing the things you normally do. You may
notice that you cannot sleep, you ache all over, your appetite has changed,
and you don’t want to go to any social gatherings. Often you are so caught
up in the future that you can’t think about today.

Depression: The death of someone you loved, ending of a relationship
are or, or loss of a job are difficult experiences for a person to endure. It is
normal for you to have feelings of sadness or grief may develop in
response to such situations. A person experiencing loss often describe
themselves as being depressed but being sad is not the same. Depression
is a disease that requires proper treatment. Symptoms of depression are
anxiety, irritability, and hopelessness, but physical symptoms are also a
reality for people living with depression. This can include fatigue, body
aches, headaches, and digestive troubles. If asked how you feel you
may not really have a word to describe your feelings. The symptoms are
severe enough to prevent you from doing daily activities.