Why You Should Try Infrared Light Therapy

Have you heard of red and infrared lights? I was reading some information because my mom needs knee surgery and cannot have it right now because of the cancer treatment she is on.  As I began to read about it, I found out is has been around for a while and it can be beneficial for many areas of your body. It is my understanding that dermatologist have been using the red light as therapy for years. The infrared light is different from the red light because it penetrates deeper into our skin.

The infrared light is able to get down to the cellular level which has a power plant called the mitochondria. The mitochondria produce energy for the cells. The mitochondria are very sensitive to light. Infrared has the most depth of light sources and can stimulate the oxygen, glucose, and nutrients in the cells when the nerves receive increased blood flow. So, the infrared energy increases blood flow.

The way this happens is by the infrared releasing nitric oxide from hemoglobin into muscle cells. This causes the muscle cells to relax and then the blood vessel enlarges, which allows blood to flow more freely. The blood vessels carry blood cells, which are carrying the healing elements of oxygen and nutrients, so the body can repair itself quicker. Using infrared light therapy allows the body to release nitric oxide to encourage this. 

Each cell within our bodies has a ‘power plant’ which is called the Mitochondria. The purpose of the Mitochondria  is to produce energy for the cells. Now these ‘power plants’ are very sensitive to light, infrared having the most depth of light sources can stimulate the oxygen, glucose and nutrients in the cells when the nerves receive increased blood flow. Remember, using infrared energy increases blood flow.

Benefits Of Using Infrared Light On The Knees

  • Anti-inflammation: Inflammation is caused by a reduced amount of oxygen in an area of your body. When using infrared in the inflamed areas like the knees, you are essentially increasing the area with oxygen and the healing nutrients of the body.
  • Regenerating Tissues: To regenerate skin tissue, the nutrients from extra blood flow help encourage faster healing.
  • Pain Reduction: Pain can come from a decrease in the blood flow to an area. When you are in pain, there is lack of blood flow which carries oxygen to and from any body part. Increasing the blood flow by using infrared light therapy can reduce pain and improve healing times. 

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